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EcoBlue Ltd. @ Asia Plastics Recycling Summit, Bangkok 2015

EcoBlue participated in the Asia Plastics Recycling Summit which took place on December 3-4, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The summit got together the leading players in plastic recycling industry in Bangkok to discuss the recycling market, find solutions, and provide a platform to communicate and network.

EcoBlue’s Managing Director, Mr. Pranay Jain, presented on Trends in PET Recycling at the summit. The presentation gave an insight into current PET consumption behaviour, PET recycling realities and RPET penetration in various industries. It discussed the interplay of various factors like Technological Development, Economics, Social and Regulations, impacting the dynamics of RPET industry. It also gave an outlook for 2016 for the industry.

EcoBlue Ltd. @ Global Plastics Environmental Conference, 2014

EcoBlue participated at this year’s Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC®). It was held from March 12-14 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The theme of GPEC 2014 was "It’s a Green World After All" with focus on the unique blend of recycling, reclamation and bioplastics. GPEC 2014 highlighted 30 technical papers which gave a chance to learn about advances, new technologies, and innovations for plastics sustainability and recycling.

EcoBlue’s technical consultant Mr. Nirav Desai presented a paper ‘New Frontiers in PET Recycling and Application Development’ at this forum. The paper discussed the various challenges faced in Rigid PET recycling and how EcoBlue Limited has crossed the next frontiers in PET recycling by providing sustainable solution for flexible PET packaging waste. While completing the cycle of conception to commercialization, EcoBlue has met and exceeded all expectations of its PET customers. Using a proprietary technology high IV PET resin was manufactured and sampled to various customers and equipment manufacturers. The key properties of the end-products were evaluated by independent labs and verified. Subsequently, the commercial scale plant of EcoBlue has been setup at Thailand from where it is serving various customers in the region and internationally. The commercial success story of EcoBlue provides an insight to new market development while lowering the carbon footprint and developing alternatives for PET recycling.

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