• Oceanblue Plastics Program

    Plastic marine litter has gained high public awareness and is under heavy media scrutiny in recent years. Nearly 5-13 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, harming our oceans, marine life, and ecosystems. It is increasingly observed as a cause of death for marine life due to ingestion. Microplastics, which end up on our dinner plates, are considered a major threat to marine life as well as human health. Southeast Asian countries have been identified as the main contributors to plastic marine litter, with Thailand being one of the top 10 polluters. Governments are assessing the situation and considering actions to be taken. Mismanaged waste and a lack of waste collection & recycling are cited as the main causes for it in these countries.

    EcoBlue is fully committed to the cause of saving our oceans from plastic pollution. EcoBlue’s OceanBlue range of recycled resins is made from mismanaged plastic waste that is at risk of reaching the oceans. Ocean-bound plastic originates from coastal areas, rivers, or inadequate waste management systems and poses severe threats to marine ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. EcoBlue prevents this plastic waste from polluting our marine ecosystem by collecting and recycling it to give the waste a second life. OceanBlue plastics are a comprehensive solution for managing ocean-bound plastic waste. We offer a "One-Stop Solution for Ocean-Bound Plastic Program," focusing on collection, traceability through blockchain, and innovative recycling techniques. We not only prevent plastic from reaching the ocean by effectively recycling it, but we also initiate special programs like People First to engage and empower local plastic collection communities.

    Please contact us to learn more about EcoBlue’s OceanBlue Plastics Program .