• Recycling Programs

    If you are a manufacturing organization which generates nonstandard PET Waste, we can provide you with solutions to recycle it. We are keen on collaborating with like-minded organizations which give SUSTAINABILITY a priority. We can work together with you to develop the best possible recycling program for your waste.

    Some of the recycling programs we offer:

    EcoBlue CircuLiner Program: This program provides a recycling solution for PET Liner Waste. This waste material that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated is recycled into new rPET material thereby providing a key link towards Circular Economy. Read More

    EcoBlue Strap2Strap Program: This is a closed loop Recycling program where PET Strap waste is recycled and brought back into PET Strap Application.
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    EcoBlue Laminates Recyling Program: EcoBlue offers a solution to take care of post industrial laminate waste and thereby bringing circularity to packaging waste.

    Please contact us for further information.